The History of the Assassins Free PDF book ( 1835 ) (the followers of Hasan bin Sabbah)

Download The History of the Assassins PDF book ( 1835 ): Derived from Oriental Sources (the followers of Hassan-i Sabbah) 

 Hassan-i Sabbah

 Hassan-i Sabbah

We enjoyed Assasins Creed game Series, as we know the story of the game is based on historical facts, Assassins is derived from  Arabic Word Hashashin حشاشين means the people who are Hash Addicts. this name was called by other Muslims to insult them, but there is no real proof they had any drugs. the problem of Hashashin is the blind faith in their leader Hasan bin Sabbah and the successors, following orders without hesitation. Many Assassins killed themselves by jumping from the Almut Castle's walls (which means Death Castles) when the castle was surrounded by the enemy troops. Assassins were extremely feared by all Muslims kings even Crusaders, because they were not human, just like machines for killing, after they kill their targets. sometimes they even happily kill themselves.

Excerpt from the introduction:

The Translator has been induced to present “The History of the Assassins” to the British Public as much on account of the interest of the subject itself, as by a desire to introduce to them a portion, certainly but a small one, of the works of an author so highly gifted, and of such established reputation, as M. Von Hammer. Nor will the present volume bo deemed supererogatory, if it be considered that, notwithstanding the attention which, of late years, has been in this country so meritoriously devoted to the study of Oriental History and Philosophy, still, but few and meager accounts have been afforded of the extraordinary association forming the subject of the ensuing pages, and even those scattered through large and voluminous work.

 The Translator deems it unnecessary to apologize for the notes which he has appended, believing that their curiosity will plead his excuse. It may be proper to remark, that the Translator has thought it advisable to adopt the orthography of the proper names to the pronunciation of English readers: in this, he has been for the most part guided by Sir William Jones’s Persian Grammar, and the very excellent Turkish one of his late accomplished and lamented friend, Arthur Lumby Davids; he has only, therefore, to state, that the vowels are to be pronounced broad and open, as in Italian, and the consonants as in English; by this means, the uncouth appearance of the names, occasioned by endeavoring to represent the vowels by English diphthong, is avoided.

The history of the Assassins is a very old record of a peculiarly interesting society that dominated for more than two centuries the whole Muslim world and even gave tone to the Roman Catholic Christian Community of the Crusaders. The book has been out of print since a long time, but Muslim writers have drawn freely upon its content in writing about some of the Muhammadan sects which have come into prominence in India, especially the Agha Khani Ehojahs who belong to the same sect of Nazaries who rose out of the ashes of the movement started by Hasan-bin-Sabbah.

It is a book of historical importance and, as far as I know, not more than four copies of it are to be found in the whole of India — I have, therefore, tried to place it before the English-knowing public with a view to help them in understanding the difference between the spirit of the Semitic and the Aryan culture and religions. To research scholars of comparative religious history, this book will prove to be a great boon. I shall think my labor amply compensated if the book finds favor with the educated public. I have to thank Babu Shivaprasada Gupta for the facilities given by his Press in going through the proofs and bringing it out with promptitude.

Contents of the Book:

Introduction— Mohammed, founder of Islamism— Account of his doctrines — Sectsr-Ismailites— The Assassins a branch of the latter

Foundation of the Order of the Assassins, and Reign of the first
Grand-Master, Hassan Sabah

Reign of Kia Busurgomid, and of his son, Mohammed

Reign of Hassan II., son of Mohammed, son of Busurgomid, surnamed Ala sirikhi es-selam, and his son, Mohammed

Reign of Jelaleddin Hassan IIL, Ben Mohammed Hassan, — and of his son, Alaeddin Mohammed

Reign of Eokneddin Kharshah, the {last Grand-Master of the Assassins

Conquest of Bagdad— Fall of the Assassins— Remnant of them 280 Authorities

Author: Joseph Hammer -Purgstall,
Translator: Oswald Charles Wood
Publication Date: 1835

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SharingeBook - Download Free PDF Books Legally : The History of the Assassins Free PDF book ( 1835 ) (the followers of Hasan bin Sabbah)
The History of the Assassins Free PDF book ( 1835 ) (the followers of Hasan bin Sabbah)
The History of the Assassins Free PDF book ( 1835 ) (the followers of Hasan bin Sabbah.)
SharingeBook - Download Free PDF Books Legally
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