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A reasonable religion (Religio doctoris) by Frederic William Sanders

A reasonable religion (Religio doctoris) by  Frederic William Sanders PDF book (1903)

A reasonable religion

The author of these essays, many years ago my student and friend, a man of culture, personal charm, and special training in philosophy, lived for some time in the expectation of speedy death. In this condition, he sought to fortify his own soul by formulating his personal convictions, in non-technical terms, concerning the supreme problems of human life. This he was able to do with a candor unalloyed by all prudential considerations as to how utter frankness, so often dangerous to men in his vocation, would affect his future career. Since his partial convalescence, he has decided, — upon the ad%’ice and wish of his friends,^ — wisely and well, as I, and I believe all aU his readers will think, to make public these meditations, in the modest hope that they will interest and benefit others who are inclined to face seriously the problems of life, mind, and destiny.


Introduction.–A recovery wherein the following essays are conceived.–Philosophy and everyday life.–The nature of explanation and the true interpretation of the principle of cause and effect.–The the problem of evil.–Happiness and morality

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