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Within the mind maze, or, Mentonomy, the law of the mind (1911) PDF book by Edgar L. Larkin

Download Within the mind maze, or, Mentonomy, the law of the mind (1911) PDF book by Edgar L. Larkin

 Within the mind maze,

This book is commended to all good and progressive men and women who believe that by studying the mind, discovering its laws, and applying them to human betterment, the career of man on earth could be greatly improved. And that the appalling errors, war, alcohol, oppression, injustice crime, and poverty can be abolished, together with a large proportion of disease, pain, and unhappiness. On October 5th, 1858, I began the study of astronomy; this was in my eleventh year. I found that a transit of Venus across the disk of the sun was predicted to occur on December 6, 1882. Often during the ensuing 24 years,

I wondered if it would really take place at the predicted time. The eventful day arrived. I went to the local telegraph office in Illinois to secure the exact time. The U. S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D. C, was sending out sidereal time the electric circuit was completed and I listened to the ticking of the master clock distance 1,000 miles; and then came the signal — Noon. I moved the second’s hand of my w^atch to the instant of exact local time and hurried to the observatory, opened the dome, turned the telescope on the sun, and began looking; when behold the planet in its advance cut out a portion of solar light and formed a small black notch on the edge of the disk. The actual time of the first contact was within one minute of that predicted many years before. And the next transit will occur on June 8, 2004.

This December 6. 1882, was an eventful day in my career; it made a deep and lasting impression of the Majesty of Mind.

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