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Costume design and illustration PDF book by Ethel Traphagen (1918)

Download  Costume design and illustration PDF book by Ethel  Traphagen (1918) With Illustrations and Examples

Costume design and illustration PDF book

Costume Design and Costume Illustration are not always looked upon as distinctly different branches of what is termed fashion work, but in truth, there is a marked difference between them.
Contents of the book:
I. Sketching 1 
II. Drawing without Models …. 13 
III. Methods 27 
IV. Color 63 
V. Design 75 
VI. The Fashion Silhouette ….. 83 
VII. Period Fabric Design 91 
VIII. Outline of Historic Costume … 99 
IX. Bibliography .127 
X. A Reading and Reference List of 
Costume, Arranged Alphabetic- 
ally 137 
XI. Artists whose Work Has Bearing 
ON Period Fabrics or Costume. 185 
XII. Index 199 

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