Motives of life.. by David Swing ( 1889) PDF Self help book

Motives of life.. by David Swing ( 1889) PDF book

Motives of life.. by David Swing

By the title ” Motives of Life,” not all motives are implied. The things which move men, and should move them, are not so easily counted. The speech over them cannot be condensed into a small volume. Visiting a large forest in June, you can- not bear home with you all its great old trees; you may carry back only a few boughs from elm and oak. Unable to recall for young and old all the things that should create and bless labor, I bring here from the inner and outer worlds a few reminders of great duties and great rewards.
Content of the book: I. Intellectual Progress, – – 11 II. Home, 37 III. A Good Name, 63 IV. The Pursuit op Happiness, 87 V. Benevolence, – – – – – 115 VI. Religion, 139 VII. Beauty, —— 165 VIII. The Christ-Motive 191 IX. The New Imagination; A New Impulse op Life, – … 217

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