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Personal recollections of Joan of Arc, Novel by Mark Twain (1896) PDF book

Personal recollections of Joan of Arc, Novel by Mark Twain (1896) PDF book

Joan of Arc

This is a fictional story, Mark Twait changed the historical Joan of Arc into fantasy mixed with humor. this book contains illustrations

Review by Alice Boon
This novel was Mark Twain’s last completed work which he considered to be the best of all his books. He claimed that he had spent twelve years in its research and two in writing. 
One of his key sources of research was Jules Quicherat’s Proces de Condamnation et de Rehabilitation de Jeanne d’Arc As a historical novel, this is one of those that let me learn a great deal about the historical background and the historical character(s) while keeping me emotionally engaged with the plot. It was not a fast read, but by the time I finished reading, 
I felt glad that I had picked up the book. As already mentioned in numerous other reviews, Twain’s deep fascination with and affection for Joan of Arc shines through the entire novel. It’s been pointed out that in writing this book, the author made a deliberate departure from his well-known comedic style, as he wanted readers to take it seriously. Be that as it may, 
I find that his innate sense of humor is all too readily discernible.

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