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Petrograd, the city of trouble, 1914-1918 (Saint Petersburg) PDF book by Meriel Buchanan

Petrograd, the city of trouble, 1914-1918 (Saint Petersburg) PDF book by Meriel  Buchanan

Petrograd, the city of troubl
Petrograd, the city of trouble

It has been one of the characteristics of the Russian Revolution’ — perhaps of every Revolution — that the spectators of its evolution have named every fresh development a climax. Looking back now through the events in Russia during 1917, one sees the abdication of the Czar, the revolt of Korniloff, the Bolshevik coup d’Stat as successive climaxes, but none of them as, in any sense, an ultimate climax; although one is now a year and a half from that first wonderful day in March when the Cossacks lined the Nevski and reassured the people who pressed against their horses that they would not shoot on their ‘brothers,’ the perspective is still not clear and the day is still too soon for the authority of history. There is, however, one thing that may be done, and I believe that I am speaking without any exaggeration when I say that this book of Miss Buchanan’s is the first attempt of any writer in any language to give to the world a sense of the atmosphere of Russia under the shock and terror of those world-shaking events.

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