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The call of life by William L. White ,PDF ebook (1922) Self-help book

The call of life by William L. White, PDF ebook (1922)  Self-help book

The call of life by William L. White

Excerpt from the introduction:

Having been out of college six years struggling in the college of life, the business world, and taking an interest and an active part in the Boy Scout movement, the Y. M. C. A., the fraternal and church world, civic and political life, and is deeply interested in human nature and particularly the young life of America, I have caught an inspiration on this the 8th day of May 1921, when this book is started, being my 26th birthday; to pen my efforts together with the hopes that I may at least scratch the surface on the vital subject of “The Call of Life” whereby some seeking fellow may be benefited by my little experience. There are literally thousands of boys, girls, men, and women, who are continually changing jobs, never contented or satisfied. The big reason for all this change is that most of them have never found their calling or big asset in life, and are not properly placed. They are simply round pegs in square holes or square pegs in round holes.
Contents of the book
(1) Everybody Has a Calling 9 
(2) What is your Hobby? 12 
(3) A Vision of Life 20 
(4) Seeking an Education 24 
(5) Guard Your Habits 31 
(6) Believe in Yourself 33 
(7) Ambition is Necessary 37 
(8) Be Enthusiastic _ 39 
(9) Responsibility Makes a Fellow 43 
(10) Four Trouble Chasers 46 
(11) Let Your Conscience Cast the Deciding Vote 50 
(12) Develop your Talents 52 
(13) Association Moulds Character 56 
(14») The Triple Problems 58 
(15) Resolutions, Maxims or Mottoes 62 
(16) Time for Action 75 
(17) Whittling the Pegs 77 
(18) Always Busy 79 
(19) Twentieth Century Opportunities 82 
(20) A Nerve and a Shingle _ 86 
(21) Statesmanship as a Calling 88 
(22) Benefits of Hobnobbing 89 
(23) Blazing the Way 92 
(24) Shoulders Together 93 
(25) Constructive Criticism 94 
(26) Choosing a Name 95 
(27) Jumping the Hurdles [ 99 
(28) Plan your Life 101 

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