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    The Confessions of Frederick the Great ( 1915) PDF book Translated from French

    The Confessions of Frederick the Great ( 1915) PDF book Translated from French Frederick II, known as Frederick the Great, was Prussia’s king from 1740 to 1786. By winning wars and expanding territories, he established Prussia as a strong military power. THE origin of the gospel of inhumanity preached by von Bernhardi in his Germany and the Next War is to be found in the Confessions of Frederick the Great, which came into my hands accidentally a short time ago. The Rev. Graham McElroy, whom I met at a friend’s house, who had noticed the resemblance, lent me an eighteenth-century duodecimo containing an English translation of the first five ”…

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    Martial epigrams (1920) Free PDF book (Autobiography)

    Martial epigrams  (1920) Free PDF book Marcus Valerius Martialis (known in English as MartialMarch, between 38 and 41 AD – between 102 and 104 AD) was a Roman poet from Hispania (modern Spain) best known for his twelve books of Epigrams, published in Rome between AD 86 and 103, during the reigns of the emperors Domitian, Nerva, and Trajan. In these short, witty poems he cheerfully satirizes city life and the scandalous activities of his acquaintances and romanticizes his provincial upbringing. He wrote a total of 1,561 epigrams, of which 1,235 are in elegiac couplets. Martial’s keen curiosity and power of observation are manifested in his epigrams. The enduring literary…

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    The confessions of a con man as told to Will Irwin (1909) PDF book

    The confessions of a con man as told to Will Irwin (1909) PDF book When these confessions appeared serially, friends and distant enquirers took it for granted that they were fiction; that I had stitched together, from the experiences of many grafters, the biography of a typical one. I hasten to assure the reader that this is a genuine confession; that I figure in it but as the transcriber of a life story told me I believe with every conscientious effort at truth during a month of pleasant association in New York. As a reporter, a little skilled in distinguishing the truth from the lie, I believed, when I wrote,…

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    The son of a servant (1913) by August Strindberg (Biographical Novel)

    The son of a servant (1913) by August Strindberg (Biographical Novel) PDF book The book is translated from French to English by Claud FieldRemarkable book. I heartily recommend it. Autobiographical, intimate confession of a soul. The action takes place in Sweden in the mid-nineteenth century, a successful description of an important era in Swedish history and a harsh atmosphere where the writer grew up and lived. The author moves from intimate studies of his soul to objective events in the world around him with a sharp gift of observing. Talking about his personal life Strindberg reaches up to general psychological truth. Review by Mitan  [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    The journal of Christopher Columbus (1893) PDF book (during his first voyage, 1492-93) including documents

    The journal of Christopher Columbus (1893) PDF book (during his first voyage, 1492-93) and documents relating to the voyages of John Cabot and Gaspar Corte Real Excerpt from  the book’s introduction: Cantino and La Cosa map from his impressions. The thanks of the Society are also due to Mr. H. Welter, the publisher of Mr. Harrlsse’s last work, for permission to make use of the plates of the maps of Juan de la Cosa and Cantino. Our late Secretary, Mr. R. H. Major, by his production of the Select Letters of Columbus ( 1847; 2nd ed., 1870), brought within the reach of members of this Society all the letters written by…

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    How they succeeded (1901) : life stories of successful men told by themselves by Orison Swett Marden

    How they succeeded (1901) PDF book: life stories of successful men told by themselves by Orison Swett Marden THE GREAT INTEREST manifested in the life- stories of successful men and women, which have been published from time to time in the magazine SUCCESS, have actuated their production in book form. Many of these sketches have been revised and rewritten, and new ones have been added. They all contain the elements that make men and women successful; and they are intended to show that character, energy, and an indomitable ambition will succeed in the world and that in this land, where all men are born equal and have an equal chance…

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    Benedetto Croce; an introduction to his philosophy (1922) by Raffaello Piccoli PDF book

    This book is an introduction to the philosophy of Benedetto Croce, who was an Italian idealist philosopher. As a young man, in my student days in Italy, I was a fervid and enthusiastic follower of Croce’s ideas: one of the many who used to swear, as we were wont to say, in verba Cruris. To the generation who opened the eyes of their intellect in the dawn of the century, he had revealed what seemed to be the only safe path between the two precipices of pseudo-scientific materialism on one hand, and of mysticism on the other, which in all its many forms (traditionalism, modernism, pragmatism, intuitionism, aestheticism, super-humanism, futurism)…

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    Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, ambassador, author, and conjuror (1859) PDF book

    Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, ambassador, author, and conjuror (1859) by Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin (7 December 1805 – 13 June 1871) was a French watchmaker, magician, and illusionist, widely recognized as the father of the modern style of conjuring. He transformed magic from a pastime for the lower classes, seen at fairs, to entertainment for the wealthy, which he offered in a theatre opened in Paris, a legacy preserved by the tradition of modern In my humble capacity of the translator of Robert- Houdin’s life, I may be permitted to make one or two remarks, and answer in anticipation of the objections which I feel confident will be raised.In the…

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    Memoirs of a cavalier, PDF book or, a military journal of the wars in Germany and the wars in England

    Memoirs of a cavalier, or, a military journal of the wars in Germany and the wars in England (1908) by Daniel Defoe The “Memoirs of a Cavalier” were published in May 1720, three weeks only after the appearance of “Duncan Campbell.” The full title of the original edition, which bore no date, was, ” Memoirs of a Cavalier; or, a Military Journal of the Wars in Germany, and the Wars in England. From the Year 1632 to the Year 1648. Written threescore years ago, by an English Gentleman, who served first in the Army of Gustavus Adolphus, the glorious King of Sweden, till his death, and after that in the Royal…

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    From under my hat (1952) by Actress Hedda Hopper (Autobiography) Free PDF book

    From under my hat (1952) by Actress Hedda Hopper (Autobiography) PDF book Hedda Hopper was an American gossip columnist and actress. At the height of her influence in the 1940s, her readership was 35 million. A strong supporter of the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, Hopper named suspected communists and was a major proponent of the Hollywood blacklist. Review by Gallow Glass By choosing 1952 as the moment to publish her first book of memoirs, Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper had certainly struck while the iron was hot. Her profile had never been higher than in that emotive time of the Hollywood Blacklist (drawn up by Hedda), her excoriating of…