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    PDF : A few days in Athens, being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum by Frances Wright

    A few days in Athens, Being the translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum by Frances Wright (1850) translation of a Greek manuscript discovered in Herculaneum contains Epicurus teaching. The original MS. fell into the hands of my erudite correspondent in the autumn of the year 1817, From that period until the commencement of last winter, all his leisure hours were devoted to the arduous task of unroll- ing the leaves, and decyphering the half defaced characters. The imperfect condition of the MS. soon obliged him to forego his first intention of transcribing the original Greek; he had recourse, therefore, to an Italian version, supplying the chasms, consisting sometimes…

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    The philosophy of Gassendi (1908) PDF book by George Sidney Brett

    Download The philosophy of Gassendi  (1908) PDF book by  George Sidney Brett Pierre Gassendi was a French philosopher, Catholic priest, astronomer, and mathematician. While he held a church position in south-east France, he also spent much time in Paris, where he was a leader of a group of free-thinking intellectuals Up to the present little attention has been paid to Gassendi. The want of a reliable account of his philosophy has caused him to be neglected, for the nature of his own writings is such as would naturally obscure the value of his message. Hallam, in his Introduction to the Literature of Europe (Part iv. chap, iii.), indicates the extent…

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    The Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics by Eduard Zeller (1870) PDF BOOK

    The Stoics, Epicureans, and Sceptics by  Eduard Zeller (1870) PDF BOOK The favor with which a previous attempt to render one portion of Dr. Zeller’s work accessible to English readers has been received, induces the translator to offer a further installment. The former translation dealt with that part of Dr. Zeller’s Philosophie der Oriechen which treats of Socrates and the Socratic Schools, thus supplying an introductory volume to the real philosophy of Greece as it found expression in the systems of Plato and Aristotle. The present volume, taking up the history of philosophy at a time when the real philosophy of Greece was over, and the names of Plato and…

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    On the nature of things by Lucretius (1919) Free PDF book

    On the nature of things by Lucretius (1919) Free PDF book Translated by Robert Andrew Allison Excerpt from the book introduction: Titus Lucretius Carus, one of the world’s great poets, we know hardly anything. One of the maxims which his beloved Master, Epicurus, impressed upon his followers was, ‘ Hide thyself, and pass through life unknown’; and so successfully has his pupil followed his advice, that no details of his life and works have come down to us. Although the contemporary of Cicero and Catullus, we know nothing of him beyond the fact, which Mr. Monro thinks certain, that he was born at Rome in 99 B.C., and died at the…

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    The faith of Epicurus PDF book by Benjamin Farrington

    The faith of Epicurus PDF book by Benjamin Farrington 1960 Excerpt from the introduction: Epicurus, one of the four great philosophers of antiquity, is also in some respects the most modern. While Plato and Aristotle thought it impossible to govern without the aid of religious mythology — a set of beliefs that would bridle the passions and console the minds of ordinary men — Epicurus presages the philosophy of the Enlightenment. He organized, for the first time in history, a fraternity to liberate mankind from superstition and to encourage a view of nature that dispensed with all supernatural agencies.   To the contemporary reader, the philosophy of Epicurus has particular…

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    Lucretius, epicurean and poet by John Masson PDF book

    Download Lucretius, epicurean and poet by John Masson PDF book 1907 Excerpt from the author’s introduction:It was impossible either to discuss in the former volume all the Epicurean doctrines referred to by Lucretius or to give all the evidence for the conclusions I have stated, these being based upon texts some of which are very intricate and difficult. In certain cases, a choice had to be made as to points to be left over to the Appendix. Perhaps one or two of these might have been treated more appropriately in the book itself if space had allowed. 1 I am deeply conscious of the extreme difficulty of the subject and have…

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    Epicureanism (1880) Free PDF book By William Wallace

    Download Epicureanism 1880  By William Wallace PDF Book Contents of the book:  Epicurus and his age – Epicurus and his brotherhood – documentary sources -General Aspect of the System – the Natural World – The chief good – the atomic theory – Comslogy and theology – Logic and Philosophy – Conclusion Excerpt from the author’s introductionhe member of another school might assert towards his teacher’s certain impartiality of critical examination. If Plato and Socrates were dear to the Platonist, the truth was dearer still. But to the Epicurean, the belief in his characteristic doctrines was blended with, and humanized by, attachment to the memory of the founder of his creed. Of…

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    Stoic and Epicurean by Robert Drew Hicks Free PDF Book (:1910)

    Download Stoic and Epicurean by Robert Drew Hicks Free Book This volume in the new series entitled “Epochs of philosophy” “covers the rise, development, and gradual absorption of the two schools into skepticism and presents a fairly complete résumé of the philosophies of Zeno, the founder of Stoicism, and Epicurus, together with the contributions of Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus, and the later Epicureans. Other chapters cover skepticism, eclecticism, Pyrrhonism, and the New academy. The work is sympathetic rather than analytic.” (N. Y. Times.) “Mr. Hicks has relied mainly on the sources, and remembering the scantiness of the material it must be said that he has been able to piece together…

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    Download Epicurus And His Philosophy Free PDF book

    Download Epicurus And His Philosophy Free PDF book 1954 An excerpt from the author’s introduction the aim of this study is threefold: first, to organize the surviving data on the life of Epicurus into a consequential biographical sketch so as to throw some light upon the growth of his personality and the development of his philosophy; second, to present a new interpretation of his doctrines based upon less emended remains of his writings; and third, to win attention for the importance of Epicureanism as a bridge of transition from the classical philosophies of Greece to the Christian religion. This new approach requires a total rearrangement of the pertinent materials, the…

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    Download The garden of Epicurus and Philosophical essays Free PDF E book 1908

    Download The garden of Epicurus Free PDF Ebook 1908 Collection of philosophical essays the book contains: The garden of Epicurus.–On nunneries.–How I discoursed one night with an apparition on the first origins of the alphabet.–Careers for women.–Miracle.–Card houses.–In the Elysian Fields.–Aristos and Polyphilos on the language of metaphysics.–The priory Anatole France was a French poet, journalist, and novelist with several best-sellers. Ironic and skeptical, he was considered in his day the ideal French man of letters Book Published : 1908 Author : France, Anatole Translator : Allinson, A. R. Download PDF Ebook