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    The government of man; an introduction to ethics and politics PDF book (1913) by George Sidney Brett

    Download The government of man; an introduction to ethics and politics PDF book (1913) by George Sidney Brett. Excerpt:  The life of the individual is a series of events more or less capable of becoming a system. As a rule, the life of the child is less organized than that of the adult, and maturity is the period of greatest organization. There are, of course, many different types of organization: in some cases, a high degree of concentration upon a single idea or purpose will produce an exact adjustment of every other part of the person’s life to this one end; and this may occur very early in life.  Still,…

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    Evolutional ethics and animal psychology; PDF book (1898) by Edward Payson Evans

    Download Evolutional ethics and animal psychology;  PDF book (1898) by Edward Payson Evans  The recent enlargement of mental science. The close connection between evolutional ethics and animal psychology. Modem survivals of medieval metaphysics and anthropocentric ethics. “Zoophily.” The personification of inanimate objects by primitive peoples. Example from the Kalevala. Observation of animals by hunters and herdsmen in early society. Superstitious fear of animals and the rise of zoolatry. Survivals of animal worship in the cults of civilized races. Human appreciation of the lower animals as the result of their domestication. Their position as members of the tribe or family. They’re worth recognised by primitive legislation. Tie dog in the Avesta.…

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    A study in moral problems by B. M Laing ( 1922) PDF Book

    A study in moral problems by  B. M Laing PDF Book Throughout the following chapters there runs one central problem and upon it, all the arguments converge. It is the problem of the relationship between human action and natural law. It is an old one and one that has been dealt with by eminent thinkers: Kant and Lotze are but two. On account of the development of science with its insistence upon the reign of universal law, it has become in modern times a very important problem because of its bearing upon moral and social effort. The freedom that is somehow implied in morality has to be reconciled with the…

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    The conduct of life (1860) by Ralph Waldo Emerson PDF book

    The conduct of life  (1860)  by Ralph Waldo Emerson  PDF book Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803—1882) In his lifetime, Ralph Waldo Emerson became the most widely known man of letters in America, establishing himself as a prolific poet, essayist, popular lecturer, and an advocate of social reforms who was nevertheless suspicious of reform and reformers. Content of the book:I. Fate .II. Power iii. Wealth. Iv. Culture. V. Behavior .Vi. Worship vii. Considerations by the way. Viii. Beauty.Ix. Illusions  [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    Practical ethics, by William De Witt Hyde (1892) PDF book

    Practical ethics, by William De Witt Hyde (1892) PDF book The steady stream of works on ethics during the last ten years, rising almost to a torrent within the past few months, renders it necessary for even the tiniest rill to justify its slender contribution to the already swollen flood. On the one hand, treatises abound which are exhaustive in their presentation of ethical theory.  On the other handbooks is plenty which gives good moral advice with great elaborateness of detail. Each type of work has its place and function. The one is excellent mental gymnastic for the mature; the other admirable emotional pabulum for the childish mind. Neither, however,…

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    The Science of Business: (English For Business) (1917) PDF book

    The Science of Business: Being the Philosophy of Successful Human Activity (1917) PDF book by Arthur Frederick Sheldon Being the philosophy of successful human activity functioning in business building or constructive salesmanship. This book in three parts is concerned with the correct word, the choice word, the effective word. Part I is a review of grammar as the art of correct speaking and writing. Examples of commonly misused words are given, discussed, and the proper use indicated. Several parts of speech are defined and their use illustrated. There is a shortlist of appropriate epithets, and a few apt phrases offered for the student’s consideration as a help to the art…

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    Fate of man by Crane Brinton PDF book (1961)

    The fate of man by Crane Brinton PDF book (1961) THE VERY DISPARATE WRITINGS GATHERED IN THIS BOOK ARE THEREFOR a purpose. They are part — a very small part indeed — of what an interested mid-twentieth-century American might use to help locate himself in the bewildering world of twentieth-century thought on the great questions we still call philosophical. The book is frankly and unashamedly didactic. It is one of a genre that, lowly though it is in the hierarchy of literary genres, is surely indispensable in our democracy: the do-it-yourself book. Make, if you must and can, your own world-view. I shall shortly attempt to explain more fully what…

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    The education of Cyrus. Translated from the Greek of Xenophon (1914) PDF book

    The education of Cyrus. Translated from the Greek of Xenophon (1914) PDF translated by  Henry Graham Dakyns and Florence Melian Stawell A very few words may suffice by way of introduction to this translation of the Cyropaedia. Professor Jowett, whose Plato represents the high- watermark of classical translation, has given us the following reminders: ” An English translation ought to be idiomatic and interesting, not only to the scholar but also to the unlearned reader. It should read as an original work, and should also be the most faithful transcript which can be made of the language from which the translation is taken, consistently with the first requirement of all,…

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    Image of man;: a study of the idea of human dignity in classical antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance

    Image of man;: a study of the idea of human dignity in classical antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance by Herschel Clay Baker (1947) This book undertakes to discuss if only fragmentarily, one of the perennial topics in the history of thought — the dignity of man. To trace the rationalizations that constitute the history of this idea is extremely difficult. Such a subject is obviously too big for one book, or for a series of books, and the only comfort one can take in presuming to treat it at all is to remember Voltaire’s remark that the secret of being a bore is to tell everything. But the…

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    What is free-masonry? PDF book (1915) by Norman Frederick De Clifford

     What is free-masonry? PDF book (1915) by Norman Frederick De Clifford There have been numberless books written upon masonry and Free-Masonry, and yet none of these Authors have given us any definite or positive information in relation to these subjects as the author of this little volume. “What is Free-Masonry?”Brother de Clifford has gone out of the beaten path of all other writers, and as a result, he has acquired a fund of information that is needed to enable a writer and instructor to give the “LIGHT” to illumine the pathway of those Master Masons who are searching and hungering for knowledge of “LIGHT AND TRUTH” themselves. The author of…