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    Evolutional ethics and animal psychology; PDF book (1898) by Edward Payson Evans

    Download Evolutional ethics and animal psychology;  PDF book (1898) by Edward Payson Evans  The recent enlargement of mental science. The close connection between evolutional ethics and animal psychology. Modem survivals of medieval metaphysics and anthropocentric ethics. “Zoophily.” The personification of inanimate objects by primitive peoples. Example from the Kalevala. Observation of animals by hunters and herdsmen in early society. Superstitious fear of animals and the rise of zoolatry. Survivals of animal worship in the cults of civilized races. Human appreciation of the lower animals as the result of their domestication. Their position as members of the tribe or family. They’re worth recognised by primitive legislation. Tie dog in the Avesta.…

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    Darwinism and human life by J. Arthur Thomson, PDF book

    Darwinism and human life by J. Arthur  Thomson, PDF book  J. Arthur Thomson was a Scottish naturalist who authored several notable books and was an expert on soft corals.  Content of the book: What we owe to darwin – the web of life – the struggle for existence –   the raw materials of progress – facts of inheritance  – selection: organic and social. Author: J. Arthur  Thomson,  Publication Date:1911   [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    Evolution and man’s place in nature (1893) by Henry Calderwood PDF book

    Download Evolution and man’s place in nature (1893) by Henry Calderwood PDF book In this volume, I have undertaken a discussion of the problem concerning Man’s Place in Nature. The discussion proceeds from the standpoint of the Evolution of Organic Life, as maintained by Mr. Darwin, and by Mr. Alfred Russel Wallace. The main objects are to trace the evidence of man’s relation to the continuity of life on the earth and to describe the distinctive characteristics of human life itself. Not without misgivings and apprehensions, have I undertaken this difficult task. Not without diffidence, do I now submit the outcome to criticism. I fully recognize the demand which science makes…

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    The illustrated story of evolution (1921) by Marshall J. Gauvin PDF book

    Download The illustrated story of evolution (1921) by Marshall J. Gauvin PDF book Excerpt The Greek philosophers from Thales to Aristotle, more than two thousand years ago, entertained the notion that all things have been developed from primitive beginnings. This view was shared in the fourth century of the Christian era by St. Augustine, probably the greatest of the church “Fathers.” Then came the Dark Age,— an intellectual night of a thousand years—an era when reason and science were buried in the grave of superstition,—and at its close, the Revival of Learning, the dawn of the modern period. In that golden Renaissance of rational thought and scientific speculation, philosophical thinkers…

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    Evolution in modern thought pdf book (1917) essays

    Evolution in modern thought pdf book (1917) CONTENTS:1. Darwin’s predecessors / J.A. Thomson.– 2. The selection theory / by August Weismann.– 3. Heredity and varieties in modern lights / by W. Bateson.– 4. “The descent of man” / by G. Schwalbe.– 5. Charles Darwin as an anthropologist / by Ernest Haeckel.– 6. Mental factors in evolution / by C.L. Morgan.– 7. The influence of the conception of evolution on modern philosophy / by H. Höffding.– 8. The influence of Darwin upon religious thought / by P.H. Waggett.– 9. Darwinism and history / by J.B. Bury.– l0. Darwinism and sociology / by C. Bouglé [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    The Enduring Quest: PDF book (1931) by H.A. Overstreet ( A Search For A Philosophy Of Life)

    The Enduring Quest: A Search For A Philosophy Of Life by H.A. Overstreet  (1931) The book “The Enduring Quest” by professor and head of the department of philosophy and psychology (College of the City of New York) Review by Tigran Aivazian The book begins with the consideration of the influence of the latest discoveries in physics on the complex issues of human psychology, such as the meaning of human life viewed in its wholeness. He often quotes the works of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington and Sir James Jeans and it is curious to note that those two authors happen to be the two chief sources of other papers in the above-mentioned…

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    The human harvest PDF book by David Starr Jordan

    The human harvest PDF book by David Starr Jordan study of the decay of races through the survival of the unfit  This little book contains the substance of two essays on the same subject, the one originally delivered in Stanford University, and reprinted by the American Unitarian Association with the title of ” The Blood of the Nation” the other read at Philadelphia in 1906, at the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, with the title, ” The Human Harvest” This was printed in the Proceedings of the American philosophical society. How long will the Republic endure? So long as the ideas of its founders remain dominant.…

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    Social evolution PDF book 1906 by Benjamin Kidd

    Social evolution PDF book 1906 by Benjamin Kidd  Benjamin Kidd One of the most remarkable epochs in the history of human thought is that through which we have passed in the last half of the nineteenth century. The revolution which began with the application of the doctrines of evolutionary science, and which received its first great impetus with the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species^ has gradually extended in scope until it has affected the entire intellectual life of our Western civilization. One after the other we have seen the lower sciences revivified, reconstructed, transformed by the new knowledge. The sciences dealing with a man in society have naturally been…

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    Last words on evolution PDF book by Ernst Haeckel

    Last words on evolution PDF book; a popular retrospect and summary by Ernst Haeckel (1905) Content of the book:The controversy about creation.–The struggle over our genealogical tree.–The controversy over the soul.–Appendix: Evolutionary tables.–Postscript: Evolution and Jesuitism Introduction A few months ago the sensational announcement was made that Professor Haeckel had abandoned Darwinism, and given public support to the teaching of a Jesuit writer. There was something piquant in the suggestion that the ‘ Darwin of Ger- many” had recanted the conclusions of fifty years of laborious study. Nor could people forget that only two years before Haeckel had written with some feeling about the partial recantation of some of his…

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    PDF book:The Meaning of Evolution (A Special Revised and Abridged Edition) (1951)

    Download The Meaning of Evolution (A Special Revised and Abridged Edition) (1951) PDF book by George Gaylord Simpson. The book will try to illustrate the meaning of the evolution in easy language and with illustrations This is a profound and stimulating study of the entire span of life on earth, written by a leading scientist, Dr. George Gaylord Simpson, chairman of the Department of Geology and Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Simpson answers, simply and straightforwardly, the fundamental questions about the evolution of life and its meaning in terms of man’s nature, ethical standards and destiny. He follows the rise and fall of the dynasties of life…