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    Right and wrong thinking and their results (1907) by Aaron Martin Crane Free PDF book

    Right and wrong thinking and their results (1907) by Aaron Martin Crane Free PDF book Some years ago this book was born into thought by the perception of its fundamental principle, and it has been growing ever since. During the intervening years, this principle and its allied ideas have been presented more or less fully in the form of in- ‘ dependent class lectures to many groups of persons. It is with hesitation that it is now offered to the public in its present form because it is still growing; but having seen the great advantages which have come to many from the practice of its principles, there arose the…

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    Thoreau’s thoughts. Selections.. ( 1890) PDF book

    Thoreau’s thoughts. Selections..  ( 1890) PDF book  In selecting the following passages from Thoreau’s printed works, for the use of those who are already interested in him, and to win, if possible, new admirers of what has given me so pure and unfailing a satisfaction for now more than forty years, I desired to make a pocket volume, contain- ing beautiful and helpful thoughts, which one might not only read in retirement, but use as a traveling companion, while waiting at a hotel, railway station, or elsewhere, — something even more convenient and ready at hand than the newspaper. I would furnish an antidote to the dissipating, depressing influence of…

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    The philosopher’s martyrdom; a satire by Paul Carus, PDF ebook (1908)

    The philosopher’s martyrdom; a satire by  Paul Carus, PDF ebook (1908) AGNOSTICISM is the philosophy of the Present age, which is a period of transition, and being such it will prove transient. I do not deny that there is a certain truth underlying the principle of agnosticism, otherwise, it could never have gained the influence which it exercises over so many thinking minds, but this underlying truth has never been pointed out by any agnostic thinker, least of all by their chief, Mr. Herbert Spencer, — not even by Mr. Huxley whose high rank as a scientist no one will doubt. I do not deny the many excellent qualities by…

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    The will to doubt; an essay in philosophy for the general thinker; PDF ebook by Alfred H. Lloyd (1907)

    The will to doubt; an essay in philosophy for the general thinker;  PDF ebook by Alfred H. Lloyd (1907) Excerpt: The chapters that follow comprise what might be called an introduction to philosophy, but such a description of them would probably be misleading, for they are addressed quite as much to the general reader, or rather to the general thinker, as to the prospective student of technical philosophy.  They are the attempt of a University teacher of philosophy to meet what is a real emergency of the day, namely, the doubt that is appearing in so many departments of life, that is affecting so many people, and that is fraught…

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    Selected Writings of De Sade PDF (1908) translated by Leonard de Saint-Yves

    Selected Writings of De Sade PDF (1908) translated by Leonard de Saint-Yves Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade, was a French nobleman, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer, famous for his libertine sexuality. His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tract  Collection of excerpts from de sade writings l20 days of Sodom, Justine, and others. the quality of the book is not good.  [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    The Concept Of Mind by Gilbert Ryle (1949) PDF book

    The Concept Of Mind by  Gilbert Ryle (1949) PDF book The Concept of Mind is a 1949 book by philosopher Gilbert Ryle, in which the author argues that “mind” is “a philosophical illusion hailing chiefly from René Descartes and sustained by logical errors and ‘category mistakes’ which have become habitual.”[1] The work has been cited as having “put the final nail in the coffin of Cartesian dualism,”[2] and has been seen as a founding document in the philosophy of mind, which received professional recognition as a distinct and important branch of philosophy only after 1950 Ryle’s Superficial Behaviorism There are only two things wrong with Ryle’s critique of the dogma…

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    The ground and goal of human life (1919) by Charles Gray Shaw

    The ground and goal of human life (1919) by Charles Gray Shaw The work contained in the following pages expresses, as it were, a treaty of peace between the forces of Individualism here and those of scientific-social thought there. To one who has followed the parallel histories of egoism militant on the one side and naturalism triumphant on the other, the present situation appears full of promise for a future understanding between man and the things and persons around him. For the comprehension of this situation, one can do no better than to conduct an analytical review of the way in which the effort toward selfhood has expressed itself; just…

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    Within the mind maze, or, Mentonomy, the law of the mind (1911) PDF book by Edgar L. Larkin

    Download Within the mind maze, or, Mentonomy, the law of the mind (1911) PDF book by Edgar L. Larkin This book is commended to all good and progressive men and women who believe that by studying the mind, discovering its laws, and applying them to human betterment, the career of man on earth could be greatly improved. And that the appalling errors, war, alcohol, oppression, injustice crime, and poverty can be abolished, together with a large proportion of disease, pain, and unhappiness. On October 5th, 1858, I began the study of astronomy; this was in my eleventh year. I found that a transit of Venus across the disk of the…

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    Modern Nirvanaism (1920) by William Danmar Free PDF book

    Modern Nirvanaism (1920) by William Danmar Free PDF book Introduction Since this book came out the first time in 1914 the uproar of the war left the living people but little patience for philosophy. To kill people without caring about what became of the killed was the program. Our world is now quieting down and the questions of what is life and what is death are asked again with increased intensity. Accordingly the public interest in “spiritism” is growing and the scientific interest must follow. By putting out another thousand copies of this work it is intend- ed to reach a larger number of educated, independent thinkers, who are able…

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    Noble thoughts of Epictetus (1909) PDF book by Dana Estes

    Noble thoughts of Epictetus (1909) PDF book  by Dana Estes The Noble Thoughts of Epictetus, as selected for this series, consisting of the ” Encheiridion ” or The Manual,” and fragments preserved in the works of other authors  These contain in a concise form practically all of the truths of his philosophy, which have been preserved in such of the Discourses as reported by his Disciple Arrianus, as have come down to us* The Stoical teachings of this philosopher as embodied in this ” Manual ” have influenced the life and characters of many of the world’s finest minds, both Pagan and Christian* They were the guiding star of Marcus…