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    Thinking as a Science PDF book (1916) by Henry Hazlitt

    Thinking as a Science PDF book (1916) by Henry Hazlitt Excerpt: Every man knows there are evils in the world that need setting right. Every man has pretty definite ideas as to what these edls are. But to most men, one, in particular, stands out vividly. To some, in fact, this stands out with such startling vividness that they lose sight of other evils, or look upon them as the natural consequences of their own particular evil-in-chief. To the Socialist this evil is the capitalistic system; to the prohibitionist it is intemperance; to the feminist, it is the subjection of women; to the clergyman, it is the decline of religion;…

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    The way to will-power PDF (1922) by Henry Hazlitt (life-changing book)

    The way to will-power PDF (1922) by Henry Hazlitt This book is one of the best inspirational books I have read. the book illustrates the will power faculty and how can you use to accomplish everything you want, the book is scientifically written by Philosopher and successful businessman Henry Hazlitt Some review about this book Mr. Hazlitt’s suggestions, hints, and prescriptions for efficient thinking are so sound, so lucid and so convincing that we might wish for their universal dissemination. If they were generally accepted and practiced, we should have something like an intellectual revolution.  — ” The Tribune (New York).  “Altogether a valuable book for both student and layman, helpful,…

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    Natural history sketches among the carnivora, wild and domesticated,(1885) by Arthur Nicols

    Natural history sketches among the Carnivora, wild and domesticated, with observations on their habits and mental faculties PDF book Excerpt from the book’s introduction: The favourable reception accorded, both by the Press and tbe Public, to my former volume — ” Zoological Notes” —  emboldens me to bope that the present book may also be acceptable to that large class of cultivated readers who take more than a passing and superficial interest in Natural History. My grateful acknowledgments must be expressed to those distinguished Naturalists, travellers, artists, and competent observers who have responded to my inquiries on special points, and have furnished me with numerous valuable facts and incidents.  I…

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    The nervous life by G. E. Partridge (1911) PDF ebook

    The nervous life by  G. E. Partridge (1911) PDF eBook George Everett Partridge (31 May 1870, Worcester, Massachusetts – November 1953, Baltimore) was an American psychologist credited with popularizing the term sociopath. He worked with the influential G. Stanley Hall at Clark University. By the nervous life, as the term is used in this book, is meant two conditions: first, the nervous social and industrial life, best typified by the stress and strife of our great cities; second, the nervous life as expressed in the temperament of the nervous individual. Both these elements of the nervous life are on the increase, and each acts upon and produces the other. We…

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    Evolutional ethics and animal psychology; PDF book (1898) by Edward Payson Evans

    Download Evolutional ethics and animal psychology;  PDF book (1898) by Edward Payson Evans  The recent enlargement of mental science. The close connection between evolutional ethics and animal psychology. Modem survivals of medieval metaphysics and anthropocentric ethics. “Zoophily.” The personification of inanimate objects by primitive peoples. Example from the Kalevala. Observation of animals by hunters and herdsmen in early society. Superstitious fear of animals and the rise of zoolatry. Survivals of animal worship in the cults of civilized races. Human appreciation of the lower animals as the result of their domestication. Their position as members of the tribe or family. They’re worth recognised by primitive legislation. Tie dog in the Avesta.…

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    Psyche’s lamp; by Robert Briffault (1921) PDF book

     Psyche’s lamp;  by  Robert Briffault (1921) PDF book a revaluation of psychological principles as the foundation of all thought Some review about the book  ” The opinions stated give but a vague idea of the extensive survey of evolution contained in the volume, the value of which from a literary or scientific standpoint cannot be over-estimated. … A production of outstanding importance.”  Edinburgh Evening News.  ” This is an astonishing book, a tour de force of rapid historical exposit. … In this masterly analysis of human progress . . . with a commanding vocabulary and an array of knowledge almost bewildering . . . Mr. Briffault rides a rough horse…

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    The Concept Of Mind by Gilbert Ryle (1949) PDF book

    The Concept Of Mind by  Gilbert Ryle (1949) PDF book The Concept of Mind is a 1949 book by philosopher Gilbert Ryle, in which the author argues that “mind” is “a philosophical illusion hailing chiefly from René Descartes and sustained by logical errors and ‘category mistakes’ which have become habitual.”[1] The work has been cited as having “put the final nail in the coffin of Cartesian dualism,”[2] and has been seen as a founding document in the philosophy of mind, which received professional recognition as a distinct and important branch of philosophy only after 1950 Ryle’s Superficial Behaviorism There are only two things wrong with Ryle’s critique of the dogma…

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    Within the mind maze, or, Mentonomy, the law of the mind (1911) PDF book by Edgar L. Larkin

    Download Within the mind maze, or, Mentonomy, the law of the mind (1911) PDF book by Edgar L. Larkin This book is commended to all good and progressive men and women who believe that by studying the mind, discovering its laws, and applying them to human betterment, the career of man on earth could be greatly improved. And that the appalling errors, war, alcohol, oppression, injustice crime, and poverty can be abolished, together with a large proportion of disease, pain, and unhappiness. On October 5th, 1858, I began the study of astronomy; this was in my eleventh year. I found that a transit of Venus across the disk of the…

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    My method : including American impressions (Auto Suggestion) by Émile Coué PDF book

    My method : including American impressions (Auto Suggestion) by Émile Coué Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie was a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement Some Contents of the book: The Reality of Auto-SuggestionThe Role of the ImaginationAuto-Suggestion in Practice.Diseases That Can Be Cured.Moral Power of AutosuggestionAuto-suggestion in the Education of Children Masters of Our DestiniesThe Future of Auto-SuggestionI Am Not a Healer Author:Émile Coué Publication Date: 1923 [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    How we think by John Dewey PDF book

    How we think by John Dewey ( 1910) Free PDF book Excerpt: Our schools are troubled with a multiplication of studies, each in turn having its own multiplication of materials and principles. Our teachers find their tasks made heavier in that they have come to deal with pupils individually and not merely in mass. Unless these steps in advance are to end in distraction, some clew of unity, some principle that makes for simplification, must be found. This book represents the conviction that the needed steadying and centralizing factor is found in adopting as the end of endeavor that attitude of mind, that habit of thought, which we call scientific.…