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    A grammar of freethought by Chapman Cohen 1921 pdf book

    A grammar of freethought by  Chapman Cohen 1921  pdf book It must be left for those who read the following pages to decide how far this book lives up to its title. That it leaves many aspects of life untouched is quite clear, but there must be a limit to everything, even to the size and scope of a book; moreover, the work does not aim at being an encyclopedia, but only an outline of what may fairly be regarded as the Freethought position.  Freethought, again, is too fluid a term to permit its teachings being summarized in a set creed, but it does stand for a certain definite attitude…

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    Cock Lane and common sense by Andrew Lang (1894) (Rationalism Essays) PDF book

    Cock Lane and common sense by Andrew Lang (1894)  (Rationalism Essays) PDF book Cock lane Collection of essays against superstitions and ghost stories Preface.–Introduction.–Savage spiritualism.–Ancient spiritualism.–Comparative psychical research.–Haunted houses.–Cock Lane and common-sense.–Apparitions, ghosts, and hallucinations.–Scrying or crystal-gazing.–The second sight.–Ghosts before the law.–A modern trial for witchcraft.–Presbyterian ghost hunters.–The the logic of table turning.–The ghost theory of the origin of religion Cock Lane is a small street in Smithfield in the City of London, leading from Giltspur Street in the east to Snow Hill in the west. In the medieval period, it was known as Cock Lane and was the site of legal brothels.[Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    Rational philosophy in history and in system (1858) PDF book by Alexander Campbell Fraser

    Rational philosophy in history and in system : an introduction to a logical and metaphysical course by Alexander Campbell Fraser Excerpt from the book preface: The Lecture read by me this winter, at the commencement of the Academical Course, is here expanded, in the form of a Tract on Philosophical Method, in which principles, then announced in a very general way, are more fully unfolded. A few references are also given to the literature of Philosophy. These are easily multiplied. Most of the books referred to are in the ordinary reading of a philosophical student. They are here introduced to bring the reader immediately under influences, more fitted than any words…

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    Reason in Action PDF Book by Hector Hawton (Humanism)

    Reason in Action PDF Book by Hector Hawton (Humanism) (1956) HUMANISM is not a single, comprehensive system of philosophy that you must take or leave. It is an attempt to deal with the situation in which no such a system and no religious revelation is conveniently available to resolve all our perplexities. If we are thrown on our own human resources, compelled to create our own standards of conduct, unable to count on some future existences in which mistakes and injustice will be redressed what then? The essays in this volume are personal statements by five humanist writers. They do not agree on all points, and this is to be…

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    Final Causes: A Refutation PDF book by Wathan Mark Wilks Call ( 1891)

    Final Causes: A Refutation PDF book by Wathan Mark Wilks Call ( 1891) The call was educated at St John’s College, Cambridge, and obtained a BA (1843) and MA (1846). He was an ordained deacon (1843), a priest (1844), and curate at Treneglos with Warbstow, Cornwall (1846), and in Marston Bigot, Somerset (1847–1856). Call later had doubts and resigned from the Church of England in 1856.[ He became an advocate of positivism and contributed to magazines such as The Fortnightly Review, Household Words, and The Westminster Review. He married Rufa Hennell in 1857. He was a friend of George Eliot and George Henry Lewes. His book Final Causes: A Refutation…

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    Animism; or. Thought currents of primitive peoples (1919) PDF by George William Gilmore

    Animism; or. Thought currents of primitive peoples (1919) PDF by George William Gilmore The result of recent historical studies, whether on anthropological, sociological, archeological, or religious lines, has brought into ever clearer vision as the substratum of all civilizations that stage of culture from which this book takes its title. One consequence is general recognition of animism as a life failure, the power of which is not yet exhausted, the study of which fascinates because of its almost infinite variety and its persistent force. The words ” animism,” “animistic,’ have come to fall ever so lightly from tongue and pen and meet us at every turn. Yet what animism is…

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    Reason And Experience (1947) PDF book by W .H. Walsh

    Reason And Experience (1947) PDF book by W. H. Walsh The work which follows can be taken, at the discretion of the reader, either as an introduction to the theory of knowledge in general, or as a discussion of some leading features of the type of epistemological theory advocated by Kant It answers in some way to both descriptions It is a Kantian study in so far as it arose out of a detailed examination of the Critique of Pure Reason, originally undertaken with a view to the production of a more technical work than this, and in so far as the problems, Kant raised (and to a great extent,…

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    Scientific fact and metaphysical reality (1904) PDF book by Robert Brandon Arnold

    Scientific fact and metaphysical reality (1904) PDF book by Robert Brandon Arnold Contents Science and metaphysics.–Forms of mental apprehension.–Physical individuation.–The principle of life.–Formation of mind.–Psychophysical interaction.–Mind in man.–The ideal instincts.–Ether, matter, and mind.–God and the absolute.–Appendix on Haekel ExcerptThe main object of this work may be described as the furtherance of efforts to bring the developments of science into touch with the point of view of metaphysical thinking. It seems that the present divergence of opinion as to the nature of the universe as a whole is partly due to the very fact that the development of scientific specialism has greatly increased the number of intellectual men. But this tends…

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    The Illusion of National Character PDF book (1947) by Hamilton Fyfe

    The Illusion of National Character PDF book  (1947)  by Hamilton Fyfe Excerpt: What does the word ” nation ” mean? To what extent are speakers and writers justified in talking of a nation as a person?. In what sense can a nation be described as having a will, or national interests ? . . .The nation is only one of several dozens of rich and resonant words which are ordinarily accepted without a thought, but which it is essential if we would think clearly, that we should subject to the most searching analysis. Aldous Huxley in ” Ends and Means.” As we look back and try to pierce the mists…

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    The case for miracle (1936) PDF book by Clement Francis Rogers

    The case for miracle (1936) PDF book by Clement Francis Rogers I have given the following lectures on Miracles some eight times in Hyde Park, eleven times to students at King’s College, and on other occasions elsewhere. I have here written them out from the actual notes I used then, adding more detail for readers but not altering the outline. For in writing you can say more. Readers can stop to think. They can read a sentence again for themselves and do not want repetition in the text.  Nor do men want, either in hearing or reading, to be bothered with references or to be distracted with too many quotations.…