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    The will power: its range in action ( 1888) PDF book by John Milner Fothergill

    The will power: its range in action John Milner Fothergill British physician John Milner Fothergill, M.D., was a British physician and medical writer  Exerpt: What the will is, is a matter upon which meta- physicians have not yet been able to make up their minds, after all the attention bestowed on the subject ; and when they have come to some conclusion, either of agreement or fixity of disagreement, the result will have no practical value. ” She has a will, she has ! ” the mother or nurse will say of some child then, just as they have done, and do now ; and will do after the learned…

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    The way to will-power PDF (1922) by Henry Hazlitt (life-changing book)

    The way to will-power PDF (1922) by Henry Hazlitt This book is one of the best inspirational books I have read. the book illustrates the will power faculty and how can you use to accomplish everything you want, the book is scientifically written by Philosopher and successful businessman Henry Hazlitt Some review about this book Mr. Hazlitt’s suggestions, hints, and prescriptions for efficient thinking are so sound, so lucid and so convincing that we might wish for their universal dissemination. If they were generally accepted and practiced, we should have something like an intellectual revolution.  — ” The Tribune (New York).  “Altogether a valuable book for both student and layman, helpful,…

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    Health and power through creation (1915) PDF book by Paul Ellsworth Triem

    Health and power through creation (1915)  PDF book by  Paul Ellsworth Triem (self-help book) Excerpt from the authors introduction Men live on the outside of their bodies, like barnacles. They explore themselves with stethoscopes and clinical thermometers and stomach tubes, with tracts and sermons and political platforms. They grope this way and that, searching for — what? For success? And how many find it? Is there a way which all may tread into this wonderland of the soul, and which, treading, perchance they may find all the rest — success, happiness, mastery, fruition?  The Way exists. You were created for success; for power and perfection of mind and body; for…

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    The humanitarian calendar and daily maxim book (1929) PDF book by William J. Robinson,

    The humanitarian calendar and daily maxim book (1929) PDF book by William J. Robinson Excerpt from the author’s introduction: I am a profound believer in the power of words. Words, woven into sentences, slogans, maxims, songs, and books have deeply influenced the lives of individuals, as well as the destinies of whole nations. I know personally men and women the current of whose lives was profoundly changed as the result of a book or an article.  I believe in the value of helpful hints and maxims for those who wish to be helped. Except in the hopelessly blase and cynical, the words of humanity’s good and great men do conduce…

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    The book of life ( 1922) PDF book by Upton Sinclair

    Download The book of life ( 1922) PDF book  by Upton Sinclair,  From the book’s introduction: The writer of this book has been in this world some forty- two years. That may not seem long to some, but it is long enough to have made many painful mistakes and to have learned much from them. Looking about him, he sees others making these same mistakes, suffering for lack of that same knowledge which he has so painfully acquired. This being the case, it seems a friendly act to offer his knowledge, minus the blunders and the pain. There come to the writer literally thousands of letters every year, asking him…

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    Personality; studies in personal development (1919) PDF book by Harry Collins Spillman

    Personality; studies in personal development (1919) PDF book by  Harry Collins Spillman “The essays comprising this volume are based upon a series of addresses delivered by the author before the New York high schools under the joint auspices of the New York Board of education and the New York Chamber of commerce.”–Pref “References” at end of each essay  Self-survey and control.–Thinking I can.–Eyes that see.–“My ships.”–The standard bearer.–Tides of life.–Unlisted assets.–Personality power.–Idealizing the real.–The old home town.–Winning with words.–The conquest of happiness.–Assembling the fragments.–Doing unto others.–The habit of harmony.–Making friends with the clock.–Defying the years.–That which is Caesar’s.–Counting your friends  [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    The call of life by William L. White ,PDF ebook (1922) Self-help book

    The call of life by William L. White, PDF ebook (1922)  Self-help book Excerpt from the introduction: Having been out of college six years struggling in the college of life, the business world, and taking an interest and an active part in the Boy Scout movement, the Y. M. C. A., the fraternal and church world, civic and political life, and is deeply interested in human nature and particularly the young life of America, I have caught an inspiration on this the 8th day of May 1921, when this book is started, being my 26th birthday; to pen my efforts together with the hopes that I may at least scratch…

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    Motives of life.. by David Swing ( 1889) PDF Self help book

    Motives of life.. by David Swing ( 1889) PDF book Excerpt By the title ” Motives of Life,” not all motives are implied. The things which move men, and should move them, are not so easily counted. The speech over them cannot be condensed into a small volume. Visiting a large forest in June, you can- not bear home with you all its great old trees; you may carry back only a few boughs from elm and oak. Unable to recall for young and old all the things that should create and bless labor, I bring here from the inner and outer worlds a few reminders of great duties and…

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    Rising in the world, or, Architects of fate (1897) PDF book by Orison Swett Marden (success)

    Rising in the world, or, Architects of fate (1897) PDF book by Orison Swett  Marden (success) Inspiration to character-building and worthy achievement is the keynote of the present volume; its object, to arouse to honorable exertion youth who are drifting without aim, to awaken dormant ambitions in those who have grown discouraged in the struggle for success, to encourage and stimulate to higher resolve those who are setting out to make their own way, with perhaps neither friendship nor capital other than a determination to get on in the world. Nothing is so fascinating to youth with high purpose, life, and energy throbbing in his young blood as stories of…

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    Victorious attitude by Orison Swett Marden (1916) Self-Help Book

    Victorious attitude by Orison Swett Marden (1916) Self-Help Book This is a self-help book by Orison Sweet Marden illustrating the secret of Success  Contents of the book:I The Victorious Attitude 1 II “According to Thy Faith” …. 17 III Doubt the Traitor 41 IV Making Dreams Come True …. 62 V A New Rosary 87 VI Attracting the Poorhouse . . . .117 VII Making Yourself a Prosperity Magnet. 140 VIII The Suggestion of Inferiority. .163 Have You Tried Love’s Way.?. .183 X Where Your Supply Is . . . . .217 XI The Triumph of Health Ideals . . . 239 XII, You Are Headed Toward Your Ideal. 268…