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    An American Bible;(Self-Help) PDF book by Alice Hubbard

    An American Bible;(Self-Help) PDF book by Alice Hubbard Contents of the book Benjamin Franklin.–Thomas Jefferson.–Thomas Paine.–Abraham Lincoln.–Walt Whitman.–Robert Ingersoll.–Ralph Waldo Emerson.–Elbert HubbardNaturally, when a book was made, there was a desire to put into it all the wisdom the writer could gather together. Long years were required to make one copy of the Old and the New Testament, and the book was very precious. The men who worked upon it were set apart for this sacred task. Reverence for the man and his work increased as he continued to give his life for it. he who could read possessed secrets which ordinary men could not know. In England, a few…

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    The ground and goal of human life (1919) by Charles Gray Shaw

    The ground and goal of human life (1919) by Charles Gray Shaw The work contained in the following pages expresses, as it were, a treaty of peace between the forces of Individualism here and those of scientific-social thought there. To one who has followed the parallel histories of egoism militant on the one side and naturalism triumphant on the other, the present situation appears full of promise for a future understanding between man and the things and persons around him. For the comprehension of this situation, one can do no better than to conduct an analytical review of the way in which the effort toward selfhood has expressed itself; just…

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    All’s right with the world (1897) PDF book by Charles B. Newcomb, (Self-Help)

    All’s right with the world (1897) by Charles B. Newcomb, (Self-Help) In passing over a mountain trail one’s point of observation is often changed. Sometimes the traveler finds himself upon the edge of a precipice, looking down into dark and narrow valleys. Sometimes he climbs the heights and looks abroad over a superb and varied panorama of grand peaks and broad horizons.  In our experiences of life, we find that everything related to our happiness depends upon our point of view. We may lift up our eyes unto the hills even when walking in the valley of the shadow. We have wings; like the dove, we can fly away and…

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    Dickson’s How to speak in public; (1913) PDF book

    Dickson’s How to speak in public; (1913) PDF book  ORATORY supplies the most sublime gratification which the gods have to give. To subdue the audience and blend mind with mind affords an intoxication beyond the ambrosia of Elysium. When Sophocles pictured the god Mercury seizing upon the fairest daughter of earth and carrying her away through the realms of space, he had in mind the power of the orator, which through love lifts up humanity and sways men by a burst of feeling that brooks no resistance. Oratory is the child of democracy: it pleads for the weak, for the many against the few, and no great speech was ever…

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    The conduct of life (1860) by Ralph Waldo Emerson PDF book

    The conduct of life  (1860)  by Ralph Waldo Emerson  PDF book Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803—1882) In his lifetime, Ralph Waldo Emerson became the most widely known man of letters in America, establishing himself as a prolific poet, essayist, popular lecturer, and an advocate of social reforms who was nevertheless suspicious of reform and reformers. Content of the book:I. Fate .II. Power iii. Wealth. Iv. Culture. V. Behavior .Vi. Worship vii. Considerations by the way. Viii. Beauty.Ix. Illusions  [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    Applied psychology (1920) by Harry Levi Hollingworth PDF book

    Applied psychology by Harry Levi Hollingworth PDF book (1920) Harry Levi Hollingworth was one of the first psychologists to bring psychology into the advertising world, as well as a pioneer in applied psychology. Excerpt:Books in the field of applied psychology have tended in the past to belong in one or several of three categories, which may be described in some such way as the following: (1) Technical monographs, such as are intelligible only to the advanced student or the professional psychologist; (2)’ “Volumes covering in an intensive way some particular and limited field of practice, such as education, advertising, mental examination; (3) General and more or less prophetic popular essays,…

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    A dictionary of Oriental quotations (Arabic and Persian) by Claud Field PDF book

    A dictionary of Oriental quotations (Arabic and Persian) by Claud Field (1911) PDF book The book contains great sayings from Arab and Persian sayings    In presenting these specimens from the still hitherto largely unworked mines of the Orient, the compiler desires to thank warmly the following Oriental scholars who have allowed him to make use of their translations: Sir C. J. Lyall, K.C.S.I., Professor Margoliouth of Oxford, Professors Browne and Nicholson of Cambridge, Mr. Whinfield, and the owners of the copyright of the late Col. Wilberforce Clarke’s works. He also wishes to thank Messrs. Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co. for allowing him to quote from Redhouse’s translation of the…

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    How they succeeded (1901) : life stories of successful men told by themselves by Orison Swett Marden

    How they succeeded (1901) PDF book: life stories of successful men told by themselves by Orison Swett Marden THE GREAT INTEREST manifested in the life- stories of successful men and women, which have been published from time to time in the magazine SUCCESS, have actuated their production in book form. Many of these sketches have been revised and rewritten, and new ones have been added. They all contain the elements that make men and women successful; and they are intended to show that character, energy, and an indomitable ambition will succeed in the world and that in this land, where all men are born equal and have an equal chance…

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    Principles of public speaking, PDF book (1899) by Guy Carleton Lee

    Principles of public speaking, PDF book (1899) by Guy Carleton Lee. Principles of public speaking, comprising the techniques of articulation, phrasing, emphasis; the cure of vocal defects; the elements of gesture … with many exercises, forms, and practice selections. ExcerptI have sought to present within the limits of this volume a practical exposition of the art of Public Speaking. A distinctive feature of this text-book is its comprehensiveness. In one volume the student will find, not only the elements of vocal culture and the treatment of the subject of extemporaneous speaking and debate but also a manual of Parliamentary Law. I have profited largely by the work of my predecessors.…

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    Live and learn (1914) by Washington Gladden PDF book

    Live and learn (1914) by Washington Gladden PDF book: Self Help book The readers of these pages will soon discover that they are facing a platform or a pulpit, and listening to spoken words. They are printed as they were spoken because any attempt to change them into essays would have altered their essential character. If they have any value, it is because they are the direct communication of a living man to living men and women, of whose presence he is conscious, for whose response he is waiting. The audiences who have listened to them have included many young men and women, and many also who are no longer…