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    Health and power through creation (1915) PDF book by Paul Ellsworth Triem

    Health and power through creation (1915)  PDF book by  Paul Ellsworth Triem (self-help book) Excerpt from the authors introduction Men live on the outside of their bodies, like barnacles. They explore themselves with stethoscopes and clinical thermometers and stomach tubes, with tracts and sermons and political platforms. They grope this way and that, searching for — what? For success? And how many find it? Is there a way which all may tread into this wonderland of the soul, and which, treading, perchance they may find all the rest — success, happiness, mastery, fruition?  The Way exists. You were created for success; for power and perfection of mind and body; for…

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    Personality; studies in personal development (1919) PDF book by Harry Collins Spillman

    Personality; studies in personal development (1919) PDF book by  Harry Collins Spillman “The essays comprising this volume are based upon a series of addresses delivered by the author before the New York high schools under the joint auspices of the New York Board of education and the New York Chamber of commerce.”–Pref “References” at end of each essay  Self-survey and control.–Thinking I can.–Eyes that see.–“My ships.”–The standard bearer.–Tides of life.–Unlisted assets.–Personality power.–Idealizing the real.–The old home town.–Winning with words.–The conquest of happiness.–Assembling the fragments.–Doing unto others.–The habit of harmony.–Making friends with the clock.–Defying the years.–That which is Caesar’s.–Counting your friends  [Download This PDF Book ##download##]

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    Personal reminiscences of Robert Bennet Forbes (1882) PDF book

    Personal reminiscences of Robert Bennet Forbes (1882) PDF book Captain Robert Bennet Forbes (September 18, 1804 – November 23, 1889), was an American sea captain, China merchant and ship owner. He was active in ship construction, maritime safety, the opium trade, and charitable activities, including food aid to Ireland, which became known as America’s first major disaster relief effort. Excerpt: Since publishing the foregoing Reminiscences, it has been suggested that some account of those with whom I have been intimately associated in China, and especially a sketch of the history of Russell & Co., with the tragedies and comedies which are now fast passing away from memorj’, may be useful…

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    Rising in the world, or, Architects of fate (1897) PDF book by Orison Swett Marden (success)

    Rising in the world, or, Architects of fate (1897) PDF book by Orison Swett  Marden (success) Inspiration to character-building and worthy achievement is the keynote of the present volume; its object, to arouse to honorable exertion youth who are drifting without aim, to awaken dormant ambitions in those who have grown discouraged in the struggle for success, to encourage and stimulate to higher resolve those who are setting out to make their own way, with perhaps neither friendship nor capital other than a determination to get on in the world. Nothing is so fascinating to youth with high purpose, life, and energy throbbing in his young blood as stories of…

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    How they succeeded (1901) : life stories of successful men told by themselves by Orison Swett Marden

    How they succeeded (1901) PDF book: life stories of successful men told by themselves by Orison Swett Marden THE GREAT INTEREST manifested in the life- stories of successful men and women, which have been published from time to time in the magazine SUCCESS, have actuated their production in book form. Many of these sketches have been revised and rewritten, and new ones have been added. They all contain the elements that make men and women successful; and they are intended to show that character, energy, and an indomitable ambition will succeed in the world and that in this land, where all men are born equal and have an equal chance…

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    Live and learn (1914) by Washington Gladden PDF book

    Live and learn (1914) by Washington Gladden PDF book: Self Help book The readers of these pages will soon discover that they are facing a platform or a pulpit, and listening to spoken words. They are printed as they were spoken because any attempt to change them into essays would have altered their essential character. If they have any value, it is because they are the direct communication of a living man to living men and women, of whose presence he is conscious, for whose response he is waiting. The audiences who have listened to them have included many young men and women, and many also who are no longer…

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    The practice of self-culture (1904) by Hugh Black (Self-help) PDF book

    The practice of self-culture (1904) by Hugh Black (Self-help) PDF book The author recently published a book on Culture and Restraint, which was a somewhat philosophical discussion of the two great ideals of self-development and self-effacement, showing the strength and weaknesses of each and the need for a completer ideal which would include both. Service offers a great reconciling thought which finds room for the two opposing ideals. This present book deals with the practical ways in which the self can be equipped for service. It frankly admits that self-culture is not in itself a complete ideal for human life, but has its place as the necessary education to make…

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    Prosperity through the knowledge and power of mind (1913) by Annie Rix Militz

    Prosperity through the knowledge and power of the mind  (1913) by Annie Rix Militz (New Thought Movement book) This hand-book of  PROSPERITY was written on the basis, that thought is a substantial influence in the world like electricity, steam, heat, and light. That man can control, direct, transform, and dissipate his thoughts in the same way that he manipulates the forces that are evident to his five senses. If the man who takes this book has studied psychology and metaphysics from this viewpoint, he doubtless has had proof of this thought-power. If he has not, then let him approach this book with a fair mind willing to investigate and not…

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    Talks with great workers PDF Book by Orison Swett Marden (Success Stories)

     Talks with great workers PDF Book by Orison Swett Marden (Success Stories) Nothing is more fascinating than the romance of reality in worthy achievement under difficulty than contrasting pictures of obscure beginnings and triumphant endings, than stirring stories of strenuous endeavor and final victory. These inspiring narratives, many of which have appeared in ” Success,” have frequently proved turning-points in the lives of ambitious youths striving against iron circumstances. They have caused many a dull boy and girl to determine to be and to do something in the world. This is but another proof of the old theory that concrete illustrations are most effective in pointing morals and shaping conduct.…

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    How to get on in the world PDF book ( a ladder to practical success )

    How to get on in the world: or a ladder to practical success A. R. Calhoun 1895 It has been said that ” Nothing Succeeds Like Success.” What is Success? If we consult the dictionaries, they will give us the etymology of this much-used word, and in general terms, the meaning will be ” the accomplishment of a purpose.” But as the objects in nearly every life differ, so success cannot mean the same thing to all men. The artist’s idea of success is very different from that of the businessman, and the scientist differs from both, as does the statesman from all three. We read of successful gamblers, burg-lars…